The Heir Apparent

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, 2015

Director: John Rando

Designer: Kevin Depinet

Production Photo: Liz Lauren

The construction of this pouf was made primarily through the execution of two different elements. First, at the top, was the seat that later had upholstery added to it and the stretcher underneath it. The seat was made from two 1/2" plywood discs (each disc was made of two individual pieces that when combined made up a ring that was 4'-9" in diameter) that were sandwiched on either side of a poplar frame. The interior and exterior perimeter of the ring had bendy wood applied to it to form a solid exterior as well as trim. The stretcher underneath was made from two layers of 3/4" plywood, each layer was made from six individual and equal sections. The first layer of the stretcher had it's three individual pieces joined together with biscuits, to prevent lateral movement during glue up. The subsequent layer was laminated atop and weighted down to dry, it then had a groove routed in it's exterior perimeter on the bottom. The stretcher then had six, individual bun feet applied to it and then was joined with the seat via six, purchased legs. The legs were joined to the stretcher via dowels and to the seat via a routed out groove for it to sit within and wood screws. Additional lace trim was applied to the exterior perimeter of the seat with Sculpt or Coat. Painting was done by Erin Ohland and upholstery by Cassandra Westover.