King Charles III

Chicago Shakespeare Theater, 2016

Director: Gary Griffin

Designer: Scott Davis

Production Photo: Liz Lauren

This was a copy of the Speakers Table that sits in the UK House of Commons. During the run of the show, this piece lived in the trap underneath the thrust and entered/exited via a trap elevator in the center of the thrust. Due to the space limitations of the trap, it was necessary for the table to break into three parts. The base was made up of two, identical pieces that hinged at one corner with the two free ends that slid into the partnering section. The table top was then placed on top of the joined bases. The base  hung upon a 20-gauge steel frame with a oak veneered plywood base applied atop. The corners had notched-out poplar columns applied to the corners then veneered with oak. The windows had laser cut panels applied to the interior of the carcass with CNC pieces applied at it's bottom. Various profiles of trim applied arounf the exterior perimeter were made from poplar.